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HOWDY Y’ALL! Here at Horizon Uniforms we are locally owned and operated. We answer to you, our customers, not some greedy corporate CEO. We pride ourselves on caring for each and every customer like they’re family. What Horizon offers is variety, convenience and the best customer service experience anywhere in San Antonio. Your experience with us is meant to feel unique compared to any other scrub store you’ve come accustomed to. Horizon’s wide range of products and services is designed to meet most nursing school needs and hospital employer requirements.

Let me get started on… well…. Why choose us?! 🙂

4,300 SQ/Ft of medical uniforms/ scrubs, slip-resistant shoes and medical accessories all under one roof!
VARIETY: Most major name brand scrubs in wide range of colors,
SELECTION: Sizes XXS-3X plus, petite, regular and tall length pants!
WEEKLY Ordering! Twice a week with Cherokee, Dickies, Littmann and Sanibel Scrubs!
OUR EXCLUSIVE BRAND: Sanibel Scrubs, Sanibel shoes, Sanibel White Lab Coats and Sanibel jackets!
OPEN 7 days a week, LATE till 8 pm! Sundays 12-6 pm.
CUSTOM: Littmann engraving,
SPECIAL ORDERS!!! No Extra Charge!
FREE local delivery and group sizing on account orders!
SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE “Customer Service is our specialty, scrubs are what we sell.”
4 SPACIOUS well lit dressing rooms with mirrors
2 Restrooms!
2 Water fountains! (in case our selection gets you thirsty… 🙂
Check us out! We would love to meet you!



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Partner with Horizon Uniforms!

2a50155b-a11d-4bcc-840d-9fdfbce46f4aWe enjoy making scrub shopping easier on our customers. That’s why Horizon Uniforms encourages everyone to join our partnership program! Why should I sign? Not only does Horizon Uniforms have the best selection of men’s and women’s scrubs in San Antonio, we also carry the LARGEST variety! With plenty of space to browse!

***Remember, If you’re not a clinic looking for scrubs and are looking for office polo shirts or team jerseys we can help! We offer custom embroidery and screen printing.***

Now, How we can save you money, time, and hassle!

Small clinics, large hospitals and special programs are all welcome!

Let’s get some basics down on how Horizon Uniforms’ program works! A few key topics we enjoy discussing are

How large is the staff?
How many locations?
Will there be a color code?
How many sets for each employee?
Payment (Payroll deduction or monthly invoice)
Last but NOT LEAST what DISCOUNT we would LOVE to give you for joining our team!
We happily start out by making an account with you. Just some small details are needed for this.

Point of contact
Office Address
Phone Number
Next comes the fun part!

To save you the time and hassle, Horizon Uniforms makes you a priority by offering a few awesome perks!

On Site Sizing: We come to you and let everyone try out the style you’ve chosen. If that’s not up your alley. Your staff can come in and try uniforms on right here in one of our spacious dressing rooms!

FREE Delivery: It’s no problem at all to make a drop off to one of your locations here in San Antonio.

Horizon Uniforms orders twice a week for your convenience!

Speak to one of our awesome sales associates today to get started!

1554 Babcock Rd. San Antonio, TX 78229 (210) 455-8027



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YELP: Horizon Uniforms

*Length Awareness Day*

Do I wear petite, regular or tall?                                                             *Length Awareness Day*

      “Well, I bought the same style pants but when I got home one pair was longer than the others!”                

This example above is a real world problem we encounter every single day. It’s our responsibility to educate customers that the same size waist doesn’t always mean the same length pant.

Customers often know their size but might be unaware that scrub pants come in different lengths. There is a HUGE difference between petite, regular and tall length pants! Our ultimate goal is to totally resolve these issues before you leave our scrub store!

We need length AWARENESS  for our health professionals!!!

Horizon Uniforms is here to get the word out!

No nurse or murse need be walking around in “high waters.” We also don’t want you to just “deal” with pants that drag underneath your shoes all day and look frayed.

So, let’s get started!

To help your shopping experience with us, our tags have a style number for each and every beautiful scrub. Pant tags have a uniqueness to them… If they are petite the style will normally have a “P” at the end, if it’s a tall pant the style will typically end in “T” if it’s the so called “average” length it will be the normal style number.

“Well, Horizon Uniforms, how do I know what length scrub pants to wear?!”

Great question! To get an idea from an internet point of view there are some basic lengths most scrub vendors go by! So, let’s discuss them.

                                                 Pant Lengths


A typical “Petite” pant is 28 ½ inches.

The “standard” length on most women scrub pants is 31 inches.

The lovely long “Tall” scrub pant are 34 inches.


Shorts: 28 ½ Inches

Regular: 31 Inches

Tall: 33 ½ Inches


Shorts: 28 ½ Inches

Regular: 31 Inches

Tall: 34 inches (36 Inches un-hemmed)

Again, many vendors could be different but this is a basic guide. We are always here to help you find your new favorite scrub at Horizon Uniforms.

The best way to find out which length is best for you? 

Satisfaction guaranteed if you come in and visit us! Utilize our knowledge and select from the finest premium scrub options meant just for your particular needs. Be picky and try on anything and everything, our four spacious dressing rooms are waiting. Nothing better to ease your mind by just trying it on!


                       PEACE, LOVE & SCRUBS!!! <3