About us

Are you a medical professional? Horizon Uniforms has got you covered when it comes to finding the right uniform for your profession, one made of great quality and great style. Working in the medical field is hard enough. Let us take care of you when it comes to picking out your new scrubs. We have a large variety of colors and styles in our beautifully tailored, naturally breathable medical uniforms. What’s more, our prices are hard to beat for the quality and the style we bring you.


Don’t settle for the same old boring scrubs, we have fashionable! We want you to be comfortable and stylish. Working in a medical profession does not mean you can’t opt for fashion!  We have a large variety of styles in our scrub tops that can keep your day feeling happy. Our fashionably styled scrub tops are priced as low as $9.99, why would you want to go anywhere else? Browse our collection of printed scrubs today, and find your new look!


Horizon Uniforms is the ultimate scrub shopping destination in San Antonio for fashion and style conscious medical professionals. Our employees are ready to help you find the right medical attire for you. The best part is, we have the largest stocked medical uniform store in the city! So if we can’t find what you need in store, we are more than happy to special order it for you!

So stop in today! We would love to help you!


We can now offer you in-house embroidery thanks to our new team Priority Promotions. Check out their page and everything they have to offer at  http://prioritypromotion.com/Home