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2a50155b-a11d-4bcc-840d-9fdfbce46f4aWe enjoy making scrub shopping easier on our customers. That’s why Horizon Uniforms encourages everyone to join our partnership program! Why should I sign? Not only does Horizon Uniforms have the best selection of men’s and women’s scrubs in San Antonio, we also carry the LARGEST variety! With plenty of space to browse!

***Remember, If you’re not a clinic looking for scrubs and are looking for office polo shirts or team jerseys we can help! We offer custom embroidery and screen printing.***

Now, How we can save you money, time, and hassle!

Small clinics, large hospitals and special programs are all welcome!

Let’s get some basics down on how Horizon Uniforms’ program works! A few key topics we enjoy discussing are

How large is the staff?
How many locations?
Will there be a color code?
How many sets for each employee?
Payment (Payroll deduction or monthly invoice)
Last but NOT LEAST what DISCOUNT we would LOVE to give you for joining our team!
We happily start out by making an account with you. Just some small details are needed for this.

Point of contact
Office Address
Phone Number
Next comes the fun part!

To save you the time and hassle, Horizon Uniforms makes you a priority by offering a few awesome perks!

On Site Sizing: We come to you and let everyone try out the style you’ve chosen. If that’s not up your alley. Your staff can come in and try uniforms on right here in one of our spacious dressing rooms!

FREE Delivery: It’s no problem at all to make a drop off to one of your locations here in San Antonio.

Horizon Uniforms orders twice a week for your convenience!

Speak to one of our awesome sales associates today to get started!

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